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Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, 2D & 3D Graphics and Animation Services
Until recently, the use of visual effects was so costly that it was restricted to big budget movies.  But with today’s compositing and animation software, this is no longer true.  Integration of live-action footage and computer-generated imagery (CGI) now makes it possible to create realistic looking environments that increase the value of your production without busting your budget. Use of visual effects is a cost-effective way to take your movie or television program to the next level. 
Mitch Robbins Video and Post Production can bring together a team of visual effects and animation artists to produce an exciting motion picture experience that will thrill your audience. We can work at all budget levels to bring together a VFX team that is right for your project, including artists who have worked on movies and television series such as Live Free or Die Hard, Fantastic Four, Herbie Fully Loaded, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, I, Robot, Spider-Man 2, The Last Samurai, No Ordinary Family, and many more.

We live in a visual culture, with potential viewers at every television screen, movie screen, computer monitor, pad device, and cell phone. If you have a movie or dramatic television program that you wish to produce and are in need of high quality production services, then we are here to provide what you need with a commitment to outstanding craftsmanship and a process tailored to meet your specific goals and objectives.